Paulownia Wood Supplier

Paulownia Wood Supplier

Are you looking to start distributing paulownia wood? Do you still not offer your customers the lightest and most ecological wood variety on the market? What are you waiting for!

In the following sections, we are going to explain how you can start being a Paulownia supplier, in what formats, and especially, you will know what its main characteristics and uses are.

About Us: What is GREEMAP?

Of course, before we start supplying a product, it is important to ask ourselves what brand is behind it and, above all, what kind of company are we going to deal with.

Well, we are Greemap, a brand specialized in the manufacture of all types of wood formats of paulownia FSC 100%.

We start from the wooden plank, which would be Paulownia in raw format, to the finished product, such as wooden boxes for wine bottles, passing through more commonly known formats such as edge-glued boards and plywood (we will talk about this later on).

Taking into account that you will only find Paulownia at Greemap, we work hand in hand with wood warehousers, who are responsible for distributing this material to all carpenters, cabinetmakers, and other companies that need wood in their day-to-day life.

Keep on reading if you want to become a Paulownia supplier.

paulownia boards
paulonia boards

What can we offer you to become a Paulownia wood supplier?

At Greemap we give you the opportunity to start offering your customers the lightest and most ecological wood on the market. We want you to have one more alternative that can satisfy the many needs of your customers and, consequently, expanding your range of products.

In short, we want to bring you our Paulownia edge-glued board so that your clients always have a wood with great stability and versatility available. Being a Paulownia supplier is much easier than it might sound.

What are Paulownia's competitive advantages?

As we mentioned in the previous point, in Paulownia wood you will find:

  • The wood variety with the lowest density (270-280 Kg / m3). It is considered the aluminium of woods!
  • Ecology and sustainability since it is the tree with the highest CO2 uptake. It is 10 times more absorbent than the rest!
  • A fine and smooth grain that accepts paints, varnishes and adhesives very well.
  • It has great resistance to humidity and rot.
  • It is an ideal material for  both thermal and acoustic insulation.

Therefore, Paulownia can be considered for its physical and mechanical properties as a very interesting wood to supply due to the multitude of solutions it can offer to your customers.

What are its main uses?

If you wonder what are the main uses of Paulownia wood, we could give an endless list, although we will focus on the most common ones.

  • Furniture. Paulownia wood is an ideal choice for making quality furniture and cabinetry. Currently, companies like Codis Bath are already integrating it into their bathroom furniture.
  • Surf, Kitesurf or Ski. This is a field where this type of wood is raising great passions.
  • Boats, caravans or planes. It is used regularly in the construction of boats and other means of transport such as caravans or light aircrafts. Paulownia has also been used for years by the automotive industry .
  • Doors. For both the core and the cladding.
  • Saunas. It is widely used thanks to its natural resistance to humidity.
  • Other uses. Such as the funeral sector, the world of packaging to make boxes and containers, musically speaking it adapts very well to the manufacture of string instruments ...

What formats do we work with?

In Greemap we work mainly with 2 formats which are the ones we recommend to start distributing because of their great acceptance in our market.

Edge-glued Paulownia board

Our 100% FSC edge-glued Paulownia board is manufactured by joining slats of different widths glued laterally, previously selected by hand. Hence, our single-layer edge-glued board is practically handmade. That is why we are proud to say that each Greemap Paulownia edge-glued board is unique and unrepeatable.

Paulownia edge-glued board measurements

  • Length: 2400 mm
  • Width: 1200 mm
  • Thicknesses: 15mm / 18mm / 22mm / 30mm

* These are our standard measurements, of which we always have a stock on a regular basis to supply our customers with a single package in 72 hours.

solid paulownia board
Solid paulownia board

Paulownia plywood

Our 100% FSC Paulownia plywood is created by gluing several thin layers of paulownia wood interwoven within each other. We would highlight from this board its resistance-weight ratio. This is a board that, due to its versatility , fits perfectly both in the naval sector and in the automotive sector.

Paulownia edge-glued board measurements

  • Length: 2440 mm
  • Width: 1220 mm
  • Thicknesses: 9mm / 15mm / 18mm / 30mm

* These are our standard measurements (Although we can work whatever measures you need)

paulonia plywood for paulownia wood supplier
paulonia plywood

What certificates does the wood have?

All of our boards are FSC certified, a certificate that promotes responsible and quality logging, controlling that illegal deforestation does not occur and that fair wages are paid.

GREEMAP knows no other way of working than with the highest quality in all aspects: product, people and the environment.

On the other hand, our boards have been tested in the Incafust wood laboratory . Our data sheet will solve any doubts you might have regarding the technical and mechanical specifications.

green planet

Last but not least, GREEMAP plants two trees for every one it uses in the production of boards. Because wood is a renewable resource as long as we replant the trees and use fast-growing wood like Paulownia.

Are you located in Europe?

If you are in the old continent, you have an advantage for distributing Paulownia. Since GREEMAP has a logistics warehouse in Spain, and we can supply from 1 pallet to any part of Spain in 3 days or a week to any part of Europe. So you can start distributing this product by buying a single pallet.

And if this was not enough, we have promotional pallets where various thicknesses come in the same pallet so that you can present it to your different clients.

Are you outside of Europe?

Well, if your company is located outside Europe, to start distributing Paulownia in your country, the minimum order is 10 m3, that is, around 3 or 4 pallets. This is mainly due to our attempt of reducing transport costs.

Still, GREEMAP is easy to work with. Send us an email with what you need and we will give you a fixed price for the merchandise downloaded at your company, in this way you do not have to count any extra price.

Become a Paulownia wood supplier and work with the companies of the future: socially and ecologically responsible!

At this point, we can only say: Contact us to start distributing Paulownia: the wood of the future!

We leave you below our catalog and our contact information . You can consult us with any questions you might have, either about Paulownia or how we work with our suppliers.

You are one click away from becoming a Paulownia supplier!

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