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Thanks to the manufacturing of all types of formats in Paulownia wood, Greemap has allowed over the years to be one of the main references at European level of this wood. Our acquired knowledge and experience allow us today to work paulownia in all its possible formats, sections, finishes, etc. Therefore, in Greemap we can offer you from the raw wood to the finished product, such as customized wooden boxes, without forgetting the panel, the strips or the curved boards, always in PAULOWNIA! Ultimately, we can firmly state that when it comes to paulownia, we have no limits, so contact us for whatever you need and our team will try to give you the best solution to your project.

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We work any format or product with Paulownia wood. We have experience unrolling paulownia veneer by the method of unrolling, we have been manufacturing three-ply boards with counter-mesh for years. Without forgetting the paulownia plank or sawn timber, dovetail joints or the famous paulownia slats used to make blinds. Ultimately, we have no limits with paulownia, and we could even dare with the final product, such as paulownia boxes for wine bottles, which have a large market.



Good insulator


Easy mechanization


Manufacturers of wooden items

After so many years working with Paulownia or Kiri wood, we can proudly state that we have manufactured almost all possible formats, always subject to the characteristics of the tree and the Paulownia wood, which has its own peculiarities, such as its conicity or its completely hollow core. When we receive an inquiry from a customer where he explains that he is looking for a special format, that is, he needs a customized wood product, our team quickly focuses its efforts on understanding at a surgical level what are the needs and requirements of the customer to be able to manufacture with the highest expression of quality that product. That is why we currently have in our portfolio recognized brands in the automotive sector or factories specialized in highly complex products. In Greemap, quality and effort are our main standards, those that help us to continue manufacturing the best products in the market.

Wholesaler in formats and wood products

As a wholesaler of wood products, we offer an individualized service to those companies that require the manufacture of a special product. Our years of experience and the continuous R & D that we have been applying in the wood industry, allow us today to offer solutions fully adapted to customer requirements, always following the pattern of maximum confidentiality. Ultimately, we seek to offer high quality products at a really competitive price, with the main objective being customer satisfaction. At Greemap we want our clients to be able to differentiate themselves from the market with an innovative product and in this way help maximize their profits. We create lasting relationships over time, and often we get involved in the project as if we were part of it. If we can help you in any way, just fill out the form below and someone from the team will get back to you as soon as possible. Perhaps the solution lies in paulownia!

How to buy Paulownia products wholesale

If you wish to distribute any of the products that we manufacture in Paulownia wood, you only have to fill in the form. At the same moment, someone from Greemap will contact you to know more about your needs and help you in the whole process. Our main objective is to provide solutions to companies in the timber sector.

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    If you are a carpenter, cabinetmaker or a DIY lover, and want to innovate in a future project, whether personal or professional, Greemap’s Paulownia wood will be a marvel due to its lightness, for the lower wear of the machines. Of course, you will also love its grain that, even with the application of a varnish with some tone, can be confused with other more noble woods, such as chestnut. Click on the button below to find the nearest distributor to your location.