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Greemap, as a plywood manufacturer, emerges with a product that causes sensation for different aspects, such as the lightness of the wood, the quality of its panels or the finish of its board. We really understand that plywood is a key element in the world of carpentry. We do not consider ourselves a regular plywood factory, since all our production effort is focused on Paulownia, allowing us to produce the lightest plywood on the market. Within its versatility in terms of end use, we are facing an ideal board for the camperization of vans, to manufacture all kinds of regular furniture or any element that requires strength and lightness. Ultimately, Greemap focuses its quality standard in each of the panels that make up this board, without forgetting to apply in the production process an adhesive suitable for outdoors, and the result is nothing more and nothing less than a premium plywood board of high performance!

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Several thin layers of paulownia wood cross-linked and glued together form our exclusive paulownia plywood. This board has the peculiarity of being resistant and light at the same time, whose panels have been obtained by unrolling. Ultimately, the versatility of this paulownia plywood board fits perfectly in both the marine and automotive sectors.

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Good insulator




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Greemap, as a supplier of Paulownia plywood, is the European company to trust. Why? There are several reasons, but the main one is that Greemap has been working with paulownia only from responsibly managed plantations from its inception to the present day. In addition, our years of experience and the company’s trajectory in the wood market endorse us as experts in Paulownia and its formats, be it plywood, finger jointed or any type of laminate. In addition, our years of experience and the company’s trajectory in the wood market endorse us as experts in Paulownia and its formats, whether it is plywood, edge glued boards or any type of lath. Currently, the lightest plywood on the market is a differentiating product. Therefore, if you are a lumber yard and you are looking to be at the forefront, this board cannot be missing among your stock. And if you are a carpenter, a factory that uses wood in its production process or a company that camperizes vans, you should definitely try this board, we are sure it will leave you speechless!  The formula is simple: Paulownia plywood = Light + Strong + Easy to machine.

Plywood Wholesaler

Greemap is an international company that wholesales different Paulownia wood products, including paulownia plywood. If you are really looking for an alternative to black poplar or pine plywood and thus reduce the weight by more than 30%, you have found the solution. So if you are looking for a plywood manufacturer with the aim of buying in bulk, either a pallet or a full load (trailer), write to us at [email protected] so that we can send you our updated price list. At the same time we will inform you of the technical data sheet, and send you both product and end-use images to help inspire you. Getting started with the distribution of the world’s lightest plywood is just one step away, and the decision is yours.

How to buy Paulownia Plywood Wholesale

If you would like to start distributing our Paulownia plywood, simply fill out the form below. Automatically, someone from the Greemap team will contact you to provide you with all the necessary information so that you can start offering your customers paulownia plywood.

Ultimately, our main objective is to provide a stable and continuous supply to all our distributors. At Greemap we are sure that diversifying your stock with ecological and sustainable wood will be a great decision.

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    Try our paulownia plywood! It is a light and resistant format, ideal in the manufacture of any furniture where lightness is rewarded. We are sure that if you are looking to convert a van into a camper, you have found the ideal material.

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