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Welcome to our new brand BOPA Camper, specialized in boards for camper vans. At GREEMAP, we pride ourselves on offering high quality products at affordable prices and our boards are the result of years of experience and dedication in the field of wood board manufacturing.

Our main characteristic is the use of natural paulownia wood as a core, which gives our boards a unique combination of lightness and resistance. In addition, the added fine poplar veneers provide stability and the HPL layer on the surface provides additional rigidity and ease of cleaning.

With BOPA Camper, you can be sure that you are acquiring a product that will perfectly fit your needs (lightness and resistance) and will provide you with years of comfort and fun on the road.


Our BOPA Camper board is the result of the perfect combination of quality, lightness, durability and style. With a core of natural slatted paulownia wood, our board is lightweight and strong. In addition, the fine added poplar sheets provide stability and ease in machining with screws and the HPL layer on the surface provides additional rigidity against impacts and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

The BOPA Camper Dashboard is the perfect solution for turning your camper van into a mobile home. Live life in motion.

Benefits of the VESTACAMPER camper board


Good insulator


Easy mechanization


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As experts in wood, at BOPA Camper we seek excellence in each of our products. Our experience and dedication in the wood world has allowed us to lead the paulownia market in Europe. With BOPA Camper, we offer an innovative solution for the camperization of vans with unique properties.

We focus on providing a high quality product to carpenters and campers looking for a strong and durable board for their projects. We are committed to them and to all those who trust us to transform their van into a home on wheels.

We are the alternative to conventional boards in the camperization market!

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At BOPA Camper, we also play an important role in the supply chain, obtaining raw materials from the best paulownia fields, carrying out production in our factory and taking responsibility for logistics transport to offer a high-quality product to our customers. As experts in the manufacture of boards for van camper vans, we focus on providing an innovative and quality solution for our clients. In addition, we work closely with our distributors to support them and promote our products together, thus achieving a union between the supply and the current demand for boards for camperization.

In summary, at BOPA Camper, we are more than just a factory, we are actively involved in offering a high quality product and exceptional service to our customers.

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At BOPA Camper, we are constantly looking for new distributors who share our passion for paulownia wood and our commitment to quality and sustainability. If you would like to be an official dealer of our innovative BOPA Camper dash, simply fill out our application form and we will provide you with all the information and support needed to help you succeed in selling our products.

Together, we can provide our customers with a constant and stable supply of high quality boards that will maximize their income and diversify their stock with a sustainable and ecological wood.

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    Whether you are a carpenter, cabinetmaker or a DIY lover, the BOPA CAMPER board for camperization will seem like a real wonder due to its lightness and the less wear and tear suffered by the machines you use to work this wood. Of course, you will also be surprised by its qualities as a resistant material.

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