Wooden Batten factory

A wooden batten is one of the key elements in the construction of any project where wood is sought to have a certain prominence. GREEMAP is a manufacturer of Paulownia slats or square wood in different sections. Nowadays, we can affirm that our factory is ready to be the reliable supplier of timber supplies in Spain and the rest of the world.

Every time we manufacture a wooden batten, we seek the excellence of this, and thus comply with the most demanding regulations of the European and international market. Our best-selling batten is the laminated one in paulownia wood, known in many countries as Kiri. It is laminated in two or three layers (depending on the section), which gives rigidity to the structure and a great stability so that it does not curve, and all this helped by finger joint joints along the length!

Buy Paulownia Wood Battens

The laminated paulownia wood lath is one of the lightest and most stable laths on the market. Thanks to its structure, the stability is guaranteed

It is a planned and laminated lath in different layers with finger joint joints. Its great versatility means that you can find this slat in ephemeral elements or in any interior design project, such as decorative panels or room dividers.

Benefits of Paulownia wooden battens


Good insulator


Easy mechanization


Wooden Batten manufacturers

Greemap is a wood producer specialized in Paulownia or Kiri. We currently lead the Spanish market and we are looking to reach the same position in the European market. Our guarantees are the dozens of wood warehouses and large industrialists, such as furniture manufacturers, who rely on our products and their quality.

Although we do not sell retail, that is, directly to carpenters and cabinetmakers, our products are designed for them, understanding that they are the executing arm of any wood project. That’s why we learn from them to improve day by day all our production processes and therefore our products, with the premise that it is non-negotiable to adapt to the latest market trends.

Wooden Batten wholesaler

We consider ourselves wholesalers of wood, that is to say, we manufacture for and to sell our products wholesale to our distributors. The minimum order stipulated is a pallet, no matter what format it is: plank, board, lath, slat, batten, panel, etc. In Greemap we are always willing to look for new wood distributors that can help the professional to get a differentiating product with the best quality-price ratio.

Therefore, we can only tell you one thing. Use Paulownia and differentiate yourself from the competition that uses pine, spruce or other more common woods. It’s time to change certain things, and wood could be one of them.

How to buy Paulownia batten Wholesale

If you want to be a distributor of our Paulownia batten or slat, you only have to fill in the form, and we will send you all the information you need so that we can be working together soon.

Greemap’s objective is to guarantee our customers a constant and stable supply that helps them to maximize their income, betting on an ecological and totally sustainable wood.

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    If you are a carpenter, cabinetmaker or DIY enthusiast, we are sure you will love working with our finger joint laminated Batten. It is a very stable format, ideal for use in cladding or in the manufacture of small ephemeral structures.

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