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For years, Greemap has been manufacturing a high quality laminated board, taking advantage of the natural resource offered by our paulownia plantations in origin. This is the company’s flagship product, a paulownia laminated board that perfectly meets the current needs of the timber industry. Under strict European quality standards, today we can say that we manufacture the lightest, most ecological and versatile laminated board on the market. Furthermore, at Greemap we focus our production model on sustainability, actively participating in reforestation projects around the world. Ultimately, we understand the important role that paulownia plays in the circular economy, which is why recycling and reusing materials in our production is of vital importance.

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By joining paulownia strips of different widths, selected by hand and glued laterally, a laminated board is formed, which is practically handmade. For this reason, each Greemap board is unique and unrepeatable. In addition, its pinkish reflections and its smooth, knot-free surface make our paulownia solid board an ideal material for the manufacture of any type of furniture.



Good insulator


Easy mechanization


Manufacturers of paulownia edge glued board

As wood producers, we strive for excellence in each of our wood boards. Our experience supports us in the timber world, and the quality we have been offering for years allows us to lead the paulownia market in Europe. We manufacture by and for carpenters and cabinet makers who are looking for an innovative product with properties never seen before. At Greemap, we owe it to them and to all those who rely on our boards on a daily basis: we are the alternative to the traditional!

Wholesalers of paulownia edge glued board

Greemap plays an important role in the supply chain, sourcing raw material from its paulownia fields, executing production at the factory, and taking responsibility for logistical transport to end up wholesaling to distributors, commonly known as timber stockists. We are very clear about our position and above all about the final sales channel so that any potential consumer, whether a carpenter or an individual with a personal DIY project, can have access to our products made with paulownia wood. In addition, we try to be a link between the current supply and demand of paulownia wood. Ultimately, Greemap is more than a manufacturer, since it is actively involved with its distributors, supporting them and collaborating in the promotion and marketing of its products.

How to buy Paulownia Edge glued Boards Wholesale

If you would like to become an official distributor of our paulownia edge glued boards, just fill out the form, and we will send you all the necessary information to start working together. Our goal is to give a constant and stable supply to our customers to maximize their income, diversifying their stock with an ecological and sustainable wood from tree to the wood itself.

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    Whether you are a carpenter, cabinetmaker or DIY enthusiast, you will find Paulownia edge glued board a real marvel due to its lightness and less wear and tear on the machines you use to work with this wood. Of course, you will also be surprised by its grains that, by applying some varnish or lasur, you will be able to confuse it with other more noble woods such as chestnut or oak. Click on the following button to find out where the nearest distributor is to your location.