How to Make a Wooden Door

How to Make a Wooden Door

Making a wooden door may seem more challenging at first glance than it really is, especially if you have a bit of a knack for DIY. With this post, you'll have all the necessary details to create a door that resembles the quality of those found in hotels, as we're about to showcase.

Tools for Making a Wooden Door

Materials for Making a Wooden Door

How to Make a Wooden Door Step by Step

The first step in making a wooden door, as with any project, is to have clear measurements in mind.

Take Door Measurements

The Paulownia wood tongue and groove board measures 2400 mm in length by 1200 mm in width. In this case, you'll need to cut it using the compound miter saw to create the door frame.

Build the Door Frame

Using the previously cut planks, we need to form the door frame, creating the groove where the core will be placed. In this case, the core will be made of Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF).

Cut the Door Core

With the MDF board and the previously taken measurements, you just need to cut the board according to the desired design. In our case, we added a frame to the core, which we then cut down.

Attach the Core to the Door Frame

Once you have the door frame and the core, fit them together and close the frame. At this point, you would have the basic structure of the door, ready to be shaped and decorated.

marco y núcleo de puerta
Door Frame and Core

Drill the holes where the door handle, knob, or lock will be placed.

Puerta de madera con agujeros para cerradura

En este caso se trata de una puerta de hotel, por lo que le aplicaremos una cerradura de tarjeta. Tan solo tenemos que ver la cerradura y aplicar los agujeros necesarios para encajarla en un lado del marco de la puerta. Podemos ver la fotografía para guiarnos.

Add a wooden molding to decorate the door.

In this case, as it is a door for a hotel, the door will be covered with a wooden molding to give it a more modern touch. In this case, the molding has been made with part of the Paulownia wood tongue and groove board. Sections are cut, and then it is shaped according to the desired style.

moldura en puerta de madera
make Wooden door moulding

Drill the hinge holes.

Next, drill the holes where the door hinges will go, so that once lacquered, we only need to screw the hinges with the self-drilling screws.

Paint the wooden door.

In our case, we want the door to be white. Therefore, we will lacquer the entire door with the RAL color specified by the customer. Be careful to paint the door well and avoid drips or uneven paint thickness.

Install the lock and hinges.

Once the door is painted and dry, all that's left is to add the lock and hinges. We recommend using stainless steel for durability and to avoid corrosion issues.

cerradura en la puerta
Lock on the Door

This is the final result of making a wooden door.

As you have seen, making a wooden door is straightforward with the right tools and materials, especially if you have the desire to create it.

With this guide, you only need to follow the steps to complete this project. However, as always, with practice, processes improve, and you gain more speed.