The sustainability of greemap

plantación de arboles

Why do we plant trees?

GREEMAP is based on the basis that the future of the planet depends on using renewable resources in our products and that at the same time a chain of replacement of raw materials is maintained, so that the next generations can enjoy nature thanks to our sustainable development today. in day. It is also very important for us to work with fast growing species such as Paulownia. Since this Japanese tree is perfectly adapted to human consumption

How And In What Way Does GREEMAP to Help The Planet Ecologically

Apart from committing ourselves to using fast growing species such as Paulownia, which in 8 years we can already cut the tree.

We have established as a company rule to plant two trees for each one that is used. We do this with a planting conversion of two trees for every m3 of wood sold (1 tree)

We do this tree planting through the TREENATION association, which seeks replanting projects for native trees around the world.

In the graph on the right you can see the evolution of our planted trees and the CO₂ converted into Oxygen.

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evolucion de los arboles plantados y el co2 capturado

The Data Of Our Ecological Contribution

The data that you can see on the left is divided into three columns. The first is the number of trees planted divided by projects and countries and as a percentage of all projects

In the second column you can see how our contribution is divided by reforested hectares, also divided by projects and countries.

The last column divides our collaboration according to projects based on the CO₂ captured

The plantations in which we collaborate

As you can see in the world map on the left, we wanted to distribute our aid around the globe, which is why we participate in reforestation in Central America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Divided into eight different projects in which native trees have been planted that can help the region prosper both ecologically and economically. Since reforestation is essential anywhere on planet earth.

Localización de las plantaciones
grafico de los tipos de especies mas plantadas

What Kind Of Species Have We Planted?

We always adapt to projects and their local needs. Finally, the summary of the types of tree species that we have planted are the following: Two-thirds have been medicinal or fast-growing species and the rest have been divided into plants, agroforestry and nutritional or food trees.

What Tree Species Have We Planted The Most?

The species that we have planted the most are the three species that you can see in the image on the right, as you can see each one of a different type: medicinal, fast growing and plant.

Another important piece of information is the CO₂ in Kg that they are capable of converting into Oxygen.

especies mas plantadas