Stand Galefusion a la Fira Interihotel

Galefusion’s stand at Interihotel is a sublime example of innovation and style in the world of decoration and interior design. In collaboration with prominent brands in the industry, Galefusion created a space that captivates at first sight. The stand design, courtesy of DrömLiving, dazzles with its elegance and functionality. But what really makes this space unique is the choice of materials. Galefusion chose to use 18 mm paulownia wood supplied by Greemap. The beauty and versatility of paulownia wood is highlighted in every corner of the booth. In addition, the Rubio Monocoat oil finish gives it a touch of class, while the Honext counter front adds an element of sophistication. LuzNegra lighting, for its part, highlights the quality of every detail, creating a unique atmosphere. Altogether, Galefusion’s stand at Interihotel is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for those seeking the best in design and decoration.

mostrador Stand Galefusion a la Fira Interihotel
imagen centrada stand interihotel barcelona